Capital View Christian School

Arlene Lambert

Hi! I am the head teacher at CVCS.  I love teaching! I have taught for 27+ years, teaching all the grades from Gr.1 to Gr. 8.  In my classroom my goal is to help each child learn in an environment where they can develop mind, body, and character-- working together, caring about each other, building each other up, playing, talking, sharing, cooperating, writing, reading, thinking, learning. Hands-on exploration is an important part of learning in my classroom.  Each student is challenged individually and given the opportunity to learn at their individual level. But the most important learning is character building and learning to know Jesus better each day.

Katie Moore

Katie Moore is the teacher's assistant at CVCS. She has fun in the mornings with the kindergarten students doing hands on activities with them  and supervising various activities for all the students.

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